With the intention of making you feel like you’re in heaven while producing your video, we put at your disposal 100 m2 to develop the most flamboyant of ideas in green, white, blue or the color of your choosing, we can create a custom set for your project.


What’s included:

For Video & Photography productions:

  • Work area of 10.30 x 8.80 m and 5 m height
  • Air conditioned studio
  • Double height gate access to the studio
  • Ambiance audio system with auxiliary port, SD, USB and CD
  • Conference room with TV and HDMI connection
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Dressing room with restroom
  • Guest couches
  • 2 high speed wifi connections
  • Epson Powerlite S18+ proyector
  • Clothes rack, iron and steaming iron
  • 40” Panasonic Led screen with HDMI splitter
  • Pre amplified speaker with bluetooth – USD and complementary speaker
  • Basic theatre elevators (centurys, combos, high roller, flags, silks, extensions, sandbags)
  • 5 three bar lamps with 5600k continuous light and cutters
  • Paper backdrops (different colors)

Request a quote for studio and additional equipment packages


Photography equipment

Godox kit:

  • 4 Godox SK400 II (400w) units
  • 4 tripods
  • 1 Lightbox
  • 2 umbrellas
  • 1 Godox radio transmitter

Adicional equipment:

  • 1 Octabox 120 cm with grip
  • 1 Octabox 120 cm
  • 1 Lightbox 35 x 160 cm with grip
  • 1 Tripod with giraffe arm
  • 2 Tripods light support with boom arm
  • Godox flash AD600B with battery
  • Godox flash V860IIC for Canon
  • Yongnuo Speedlite flash YN560 IV
  • X1 TTL Godox transmitter for Canon
  • Standard 7” Godox reflector with filters and fins
  • Optics for Canon in various formats

Video equipment

  • 9 Three bar lamps each one Fluoteck Carry Light 5600k
  • 3 Two bar lamps each one Fluoteck Duo Light 5600k
  • 6 Fresnell Desisti 600w lamps
  • 2 Fresnell Desisti 1000w lamps
  • 2 Fresnell Desisti 2000w lamps
  • 3 Libec tripods
  • 1 Portable Libec dolly 5 meters and 90º curve
  • 5 Lavalier Sennheizer microphones
  • 1 Boom Sennheizer microphone
  • Tascam audio recorders
  • Broadcast Tv Logic LCD 17” monitor LVM-172W and SDI cable
  • 1 DJI Inspiron drone
  • DJI Osmos + camera
  • Portable slider
  • Flags, silks, flannels and grifolin
  • And more


What our clients say about us

Profesional environment

“What I like of the studio of Interfase is that it’s played out in a way that it’s equipment makes it very efficient, with the essentials to work creatively I can bring my clients knowing that they will feel comfortable in a profesional environment”.

– Lev de León, Creative Director in Feelinc

Peace of mind and trust

“Working with the team, equipment and facilities of Interfase gives you peace of mind and trust that everything will be perfect”.

– Jorge Torres, Director of La Canica

Guaranteed success

“My experience collaborating with Interfase has always been very pleasing, profesional and at a personal level. I have been working with them for years and every collaboration is a guaranteed success”.

– Diego Menabrito Sada, Director of Sinestesia Media

Super, super…!!

“Yeeeeeeaahh…!! ¡A recognition to the whole squad of Interfase, they’re super pro’s, super team, and their great studio is always supporting us in our projects and they always have a cool customer service…!!”

– Wolfikus III, Leader of the Rock & Monsters

Level of customer service

“The best quality of Interfase studio is their level of customer service that their crew puts into details, from technical to service and even in the design of their own studio”.

– Paco Alanís, Photography Director

It’s my firs choice

“For me Interfase forum is my first choice to develop my projects, it’s a very well conditioned place quality elements for productions, excellent service and they’re always willing to help with any setbacks that we might have”.

– Montserrat Trejo, Producer

An All-around forum

“Without a doubt the most complete forum, the best equipped and with the best service north of the country. For us there’s no other choice”.

– Alex Sánchez, Audiomanía

Kind service

“Excellent facilities in size, shape and distribution with a kind service from our hosts”.

– Karla Sepúlveda, Ciqno Studio

Excellent service

“I am a regular client of their facilities and we’ve always received an excellent service, full understanding of the conditions of every project and professionalism. Also our clients comment that for them is really nice to have a private living room with a screen, that way they can freely talk about the project. When hiring the space we can be sure that it will be clean, functional and customized to our requirements”.

– Mariale Espinoza, Camus Films Producer

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